Brand or Price, Which is even more important for toner or ink cartridges of the printer?

Today, we have received an email from our customer, he asked in the selection of printer cartridges, brand and price, which is more important?Ah......we also think that’s a good question, and maybe this question also makes most people confused. The following are my personal opinions and suggestions:


 As for me, there was a very important relationship between the brand and the price of the toner cartridge. We will find that the price of compatible brands toner cartridge is usually only 1/3 of the original brands OEM toner cartridges. Maybe most people will say the quality of the original brand will be much better than compatible brands,actually, not necessarily, at present,with the development of the times and technology,printing technology of some compatible brands of are getting better and better, the effect of many compatible toner cartridge brands is almost comparable to that of the original products,.Of course, you should choose a reliable, well-known, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed compatible brand, like our Toner Kingdom.

As For Brands:

Generally speaking, the brands of toner cartridges can be roughly divided into original and compatible ones.

The brands of original toner cartridges usually include HP, Canon, Dell, Brother, Samsung and so on.
The most commonly used compatible brand with toner cartridges includes Toner Kingdom, Greensky, etc.
OEM toner cartridge is your best choice if you have good economic conditions and pursue high-quality printing results.

If you have certain requirements for price and want good quality while pursuing affordable price, then high-quality compatible toner cartridge is a good choice, the Toner Kingdom is a good selection for you, it has an affordable price and each process has undergone a rigorous inspection .
If you just want to be cheaper, then you can choose the remanufactured toner cartridge or buy powder and refilled by yourself. You will find that it can saves one-half of the money compared with buying the original toner cartridge.

As For Price:

Original brands toner cartridge is usually expensive,the compatible and Re-manufactured toner cartridge is the price difference. The compatible brand is produced by the foundry, so the price will be much cheaper than the original one. Their price is about 1/3 of the original. The re-manufactured toner is a kind of carbon powder refilled on the basis of recycling the old powder box. Because the raw materials are basically from the old products, the cost is lower and the price is lower. So more and more people are trying to refill the toner cartridge. But the way of refilling toner cartridge is very complicated. You need to drill a hole in the powder bin and add carbon powder into it. It's worth noting that refilling toner cartridge by yourself has no effect on the printer, but it wears the drum core badly, and the number of sheets printed will be less than the original. If you want to refill the toner cartridge, please confirm that you do not care about the printing effect, because the color of the powder will be lighter than the original. So refill toner cartridges are not suitable for every user.

All in all:

It's not only your printer that affects your printing cost, but also your toner cartridge. You will find that in the long run, you spend more on toner cartridges than on printers. That's why we need to consider the price of toner cartridges. In general, if you don't ask for high-quality products, consider the price, you will save a lot since the original toner cartridge is really too expensive. If you are very strict in printing quality, the brand is your first choice.