3 Useful ways to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Ink Problems

Sometimes our Brother printer cannot detect our new replaced ink cartridges or shows “No Cartridge” on the display even if our ink cartridge is full. In another situation, we print a color paper and all we get is a piece of messy color paper. Exclude the possibility of printer fault, there is something we can do to solve the problems. Here Toner Cartridge shares with you three useful ways to troubleshoot your Brother printer's normal issues. Check it out below:

1. How to fix Brother printer cannot detect new replaced ink cartridges problem

This situation happens for many reasons. When we install the incompatible ink cartridges in our brother printer, or we refilled the third-party ink into the cartridges, this may cause our printer to fail for ink cartridge recognition. Sometimes our improper manipulation on ink cartridge installation may damage our printer, for which it will show error words “Cannot Detect” on the display. Base on these reasons, we need to recheck our new ink cartridges in the printer. If they are all normal and our printer still cannot detect ink cartridges. We should try to reinstall the ink cartridges in these steps. Power off the printer, open the carriage and take out each color ink cartridge carefully. Turn on the machine and reinstall the 4 color ink cartridges, make sure each color ink cartridge is matched in the carriage. Install the Brother CMYK 4 color ink cartridges one by one on the right position slowly. Close the cover after the ink cartridge installation, and tap on “yes” on the display screen task question.

2. How to fix refilled ink cartridges “No Cartridge” issues

Sometimes our Brother shows “No cartridge” or “Ink Empty” after we install the refilled ink cartridges. This issue occurs of the possibility that one or more of the other three color ink cartridges are empty and we didn’t replace them. We need to check which color ink cartridge it is and replace the empty one, after that, we reset the printer so that the problem will be solved. Follow these steps to reset the printer. Firstly, tap on the ink management on the LCD display’s task, select “Ink Volume” by using the up and down key. Tap on “OK” when the ink volume shows. Press on Exit to finish printer setting. Besides, we can unplug to power off the printer and restart it if the problem still exists. By the way, printer ink cartridge ink refilling is not recommended to us because the generic ink may cause the ink cartridge clogging, for which our printer will be damaged.

3. How to fix printer messy color print problem

When we print a color paper, the printer comes out with messy color paper which looks awful. This is problem happens because we have installed the color ink cartridges incorrectly. We need to open the printer and check the Brother ink cartridges. The ink nozzles may have been clogged, we need to clean the printer head. After that, we reinstall each color ink cartridge back one by one with the correct color order and reset the printer. We can this process to check the ink quality. Press on the four-color ink button. Select “Test Print”, press on “Print Quality” and select “OK”. Then our printer will print a “Print Quality Check Sheet” to us, which shows us the four-color ink cartridge quality block in the paper. When the program asks you about the print quality, press “No” if there is no short line on the test paper. Press “OK” if the program asks you to clean the printer. After that, the print color messy problem will be fixed.

These are the three normal issues we usually faced on our Brother printers. We hope our solutions could be helpful to you if you happen to face the problems like these. Anyway, we should be careful when we are using our Brother printers, especially when we replace the ink cartridges. All in all, using the genuine Brother printer ink cartridge to replace the empty one is the best choice. Low-quality generic ink will damage our printers, which may cause the problems like the ones above. Here we recommend you to buy cheap compatible Brother ink cartridges in Toner Kingdom. We offer 30 days returns for customers, with no after-sale worries. Our quality is 3 months guaranteed. You may contact us if you are interested. Any ideas about Brother printer issues troubleshooting? Leave your comments and tell us, we are glad to answer you.